Svevind To Build Green Hydrogen Facilities In Kazakhstan

Svevind And Kazakh Invest Plan 30 GW Of Green Hydrogen Facilities In Kazakhstan

A large-scale wind farm and solar PV farm in Kazakhstan (Image Courtesy Of Svevind Energy GmbH)

Svevind Energy GmbH (Svevind) and Kazakh Invest have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding Svevind’s plan to develop and realize mega-sized facilities for producing green hydrogen by utilizing the vast resources of wind and solar power in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Svevind plans to install wind and solar farms with a total capacity of 45 GW in western and central Kazakhstan. The green electricity will feed 30 GW of electrolyzers to produce about 3 million tonnes of green hydrogen every year.

Svevind presented its plans to the Kazakh Government during governmental consultations in Nur-Sultan in May 2021. The overall development, engineering, procurement, and financing phases are expected to take about three to five years. Construction and commissioning phases are expected to take five years.

“Svevind aims to combine the outstanding natural resources in Kazakhstan with Svevind’s long-time experience and passion in project development to supply Kazakhstan and Eurasia with green, sustainable energy and products, powered by nature,” said Wolfgang Kropp, CEO of Svevind. “The green hydrogen facilities will lift Kazakhstan among the global leaders of renewable energy and hydrogen at very competitive, ultra-low production costs. We trust that for green hydrogen, Kazakhstan is the place to be.”

National company Kazakh Invest was established by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan to promote sustainable socioeconomic development in Kazakhstan. It serves as single negotiator on behalf of the Kazakhstan government in discussing the prospects and conditions for the implementation of investment projects.

Svevind is a privately owned group of companies in the renewable energy industry, based in Weißenbrunn (Germany), Piteå (Northern Sweden), Dresden (Germany), and Almaty (Kazakhstan). The Svevind group plans, develops, designs, sells, and operates onshore wind power and solar photovoltaic (PV) as well as green hydrogen projects worldwide.