Pieridae Plans Canadian Carbon Capture Complex

Caroline Carbon Capture Power Complex will sequester up to 3.3 million tons of CO2 annually.

Canadian energy company Pieridae Energy Ltd. (Pieridae) is set to build the Caroline Carbon Capture Power Complex. Located at Pieridae’s Caroline Facility in Alberta, Canada, the new complex will sequester up to 3.3 million tons (3 million tonnes) of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually into one of the Caroline Facility’s depleted gas reservoirs. Carbon will be captured from three sources: CO2 generated at the gas processing facility, CO2 generated from power production, and CO2 produced by third parties. The complex will have a maximum power production capacity at full build-out of 7.9 billion kilowatt-hours annually.


Pieridae will reuse and re-purpose existing infrastructure at its Caroline Facility to reduce overall capital costs and environmental impact. Phase 1 of the complex will sequester 1.1 million tons (1 million tonnes) of CO2 and produce approximately 1.9 billion kilowatt-hours of blue power annually, enough to power 112,000 households each year.


“This ‘made in Canada’ solution positions Pieridae to play a key role in helping to lower overall Canadian greenhouse gas emissions,” said Alfred Sorensen, CEO of Pieridae. “We know the world is looking for ways to transition to a lower-carbon intensity economy. By capturing and storing carbon on such a large scale, we move further down the strategic path of ensuring Pieridae is net carbon negative across its value chain from the wellhead to LNG [liquefied natural gas] delivery into Europe.”