Japan Invests In Fuel-Cell Vehicle Infrastructure

Japan Will Add 1000 Hydrogen Refueling Stations For Fuel-Cell Vehicles By 2030

A hydrogen fueling station in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, is one of the roughly 160 stations that are currently in operation in Japan. (Image Courtesy Of Air Liquide)

Japan will add 1000 hydrogen refueling stations for fuel-cell vehicles deployed across the country by 2030. Japan currently has about 160 hydrogen stations today and had previously pledged to increase that number to 320 by 2025.


The announcement from the Japanese government is part of the nation’s pledge to reduce net carbon emission to zero by 2050. Japan will increase the number of hydrogen refueling stations in order to have all new car sales be electric by the middle of the next decade. Hydrogen vehicles employ fuel cells to power electric motors and would be included in this target.