CARB Appoints Executive Officer

The California Air Resources Board Has Appointed Edna Murphy As Deputy Executive Officer For Internal Operations And Office Of Information Services

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has appointed Edna Murphy as Deputy Executive Officer for Internal Operations and Office of Information Services. In this new position, Murphy will oversee CARB’s strategic planning; enterprise-wide risk assessment and mitigation; internal racial equity initiatives for recruitment, hiring, and promotional protocols; and the Equal Employment Opportunity office on behalf of the Executive Officer.


Murphy’s tenure at CARB started in 2018. She has worked to develop policies and procedures for accounting, budgets, business management, contracts and procurement, and human resources. In 2020, Murphy collaborated in the development of CARB’s diversity and racial equity task force to address concerns within its own workforce and to identify and dismantle systems that produce inequities or racial bias in recruitment, hiring, promotions, and all other privileges and opportunities afforded to CARB’s employees.