Methanol-To-Hydrogen Mobile Generation System

    RIX Industries has introduced a mobile hydrogen generation system, bringing green power to shipboard and marine environments.

    RIX Barge (Image Courtesy Of RIX Industries)

    RIX Industries has introduced a mobile hydrogen generation system, the M2H2-Series of methanol-to-hydrogen power systems, bringing green power to shipboard and marine environments.

    Headquartered in Benicia, California, RIX Industries specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of gas generation systems, precision compressor solutions, power systems, and cryogenic cooling technologies for critical applications in marine, aerospace, land, energy, industrial, medical, and critical infrastructure markets.

    The RIX methanol-to-hydrogen mobile generator system provides direct, on-demand pure hydrogen (99.97%) for PEMFC power systems.

    “While hydrogen power technology is globally recognized as critical to reducing pollution and climate change, rugged readymade systems that capitalize on this technology have been absent from the power landscape,” said Bryan Reid, chief sales officer at RIX Industries. “Tapping into the convenience of methanol as a hydrogen carrier, our industry-leading mobile system produces hydrogen safely, efficiently, and as needed – a sea change in hydrogen usability and competitive value for shipbuilders working to minimize their environmental impact.”

    As self-contained containerized power systems, the M2H2-Series blends methanol-to-hydrogen generation technology and proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) to provide a high efficiency, minimal vibration/noise, and low-emission solution for power critical applications including ship propulsion, auxiliary power systems, reefer container power, and cold ironing.

    The M2H2 Series is designed to produce between 130 sL/m to 1,300 sL/m of hydrogen to support 10 kW to 100 kW fuel cell modules and can be combined to support MW applications. The M2H2 Series produces low-pressure hydrogen on-demand, which is consumed by the fuel cell. As a result, no hydrogen is actually stored on-board, reducing regulatory hurdles.

    RIX M2H2 Series
    (Data Provided By RIX Industries)

    “With the ability to generate hydrogen onboard and on demand, these systems offer users a safer and smaller shipboard volume requirement as compared to high-pressure compressed hydrogen solutions,” said Reid. “The RIX M2H2-Series also eliminates the footprint of cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage.”

    According to the company, deployment does not require major retrofit of ship infrastructure, and existing diesel tanks can instead be used to store liquid methanol at ambient conditions as a feedstock. The M2H2 systems, combined with fuel cells, produce power without any NOx, SOx, or particulate matter and net zero CO2 emissions with renewable methanol.